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Responsible Care

Our mission is to deliver the purest borates while abiding by EPA and OSHA standards. Our technical team handles each and every product shipment with skill and precision.

American Borate Company (ABC) is already in compliance with the OSHA Final Rule for Global Harmonization System Labeling (GHS), including Safety Data Sheets (SDS). We continue to stay ahead of these requirements to ensure all products sold are fully compliant.

ABC has a fully operational laboratory in which all equipment is calibrated to NIST and ISO standards. We conduct batch testing and provide every shipment with a certificate of analysis, which provides the chemical analysis of each vessel shipment.

Customers can also elect to purchase testing for individual orders, which is a more specific representation of the chemistry for that order. In addition, we hold a Federal EPA pesticide registration, as well as several state level registrations, allowing us to supply pesticide manufacturers.

Our technical team, led by Philip Ford, has a strong background in analytical chemistry and industrial applications. We support our customers with the ability to troubleshoot applications and chemistry challenges. Through analytical chemistry, our technical manager and lab technician can assist our customers with their borate application challenges.

American Borate Company is a strong advocate of sustainability and continues to improve our operations to reduce our environmental footprint.