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All About Borates

For thousands of years, people have known of borax, the most common form of Boron found in nature.

Borax occurs naturally in evaporated deposits produced by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. The most commercially important deposits are found in Turkey as well the United States (California), Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia. For nearly 30 years, American Borate Company has marketed boron products from Turkey, the largest producer of boron products in the world.

Borax and other borates are used in a wide variety of applications you may use every day. They are critical to the growth of healthy plantsused in metallurgyfound inside fiberglass and specialty glass, incorporated into gypsum to construct walls and ceilings and are a component of detergents and cosmetics.

Other applications include adhesives, agriculture, detergents, flame retardants, fiberglass, lubricants, greases, oil and natural gas, fracking (or oil field chemicals), pesticides and insecticides, wood preservatives.

Our Boron Products:

Research continues to discover potential new uses for borates and we have a reputation for partnering with companies to support this work from the first five pound sample to final testing and implementation.

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