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At American Borate Company, we take pride in our logistics operations, borate packaging and ability to deliver borates in a timely fashion to points across North America.

Throughout our years in operation, we have developed relationships with over two dozen brokers, which give us a range of cost-sensitive options to deliver your order safely, securely and on time. Our customers also have the option to control their own freight.

Whether by road or rail, our network of transportation options makes the difference. All of our trucks are “back hauls,” which mean drivers are on the return leg of their trip. That creates the best rates on freight and savings we pass on to our customers.

Pat Riddle leads our logistics team. With over 25 years in the transportation industry, Pat knows the people, the trucks and how to deliver your shipments at the most cost effective price. Trust Pat and his expertise to handle your borate delivery from start to finish.

If you have a logistics question, please contact Pat at 757-216-2298 or